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Welcome to Global Doctors Association

Affordable healthcare and medicine to everyone!

A PERSONAL USER membership gives you 100% private account.
And an option to invite and connect with your preferred health worker.

A HEALTH WORKER membership is for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists,
personal trainers, and health workers.


The Complete Health Platform

We help educate doctors and health workers by providing all necessary tools and resources in one place. GDA provides all resources and knowledge to effectively fight diseases and health problems. We also educate and update your knowledge, monitor health with digital AI and let you join our global network.

Smart health - Go digital, go healthy

Smart Health - Go Digital, Go Healthy

360° health monitoring

Log and monitor every important detail of your health to get real time warnings and more precise consultations.

Access anywhere - 24/7

Access your health details and your doctor or therapist from your computer or phone - 24/7. No closing hours.

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Clients Share Their Experience

GDA has changed my life by letting me log and monitor my own health in an easy way. Best part is that my doctor is closer than ever, with online booking and better help as he has access to my log.
Sophie Grant

Sophie Grant


Through GDA i got help solving both my back pain and my skin acne. I found specialists in both fields. GDA let my doctor and therapist work together and find the best cure by checking my log.
James Stinger

James Stinger


GDA digital platform makes treating my patients both easier and BETTER. As the patient grant me permission to view their account, I get a 365 degree view of their health and can identify the cause fast.
Dr. Leibovitz

Dr. Leibovitz